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Kaspar-Sickermann was divided and kept on two servers:
Main Topics at      - haw-hamburg.de
  were deleted by haw without any announcement
this and that... in   - kaspar-sickermann.de
This page here is the sitemap for this and that...

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German sitemap

Sorry, only some pages are written in English, but you are invited to visit the German pages too, because they are often
self-explaining by images.
Some links show the English flag with this meaning:
english flag  English text
(english flag)  English annotations or English titles in the pictures    (mouse over picture shows the title)



 Cap San Marco 1968 (english flag)
 Cap San Diego 2013
 dismantling SUR100 (english flag)
Germany - Europe
 TV-tower BUNGEE jumping (english flag)
 Merry X-Mas in Hamburg [2023]
 Open eyes and ears ! (english flag)
 Halloween 2022
 4 km 2024 (english flag)
 House of German Parliament (english flag)
 Cuckoo in clock museum Gernrode (english flag)
 helter skelter in Wernigerode
 the seasons (english flag)
 with bike in Großhansdorf (english flag)
 Drive on the left 2018 english flag
 colorful chicks in Thailand english flag
 BKK Dances in the old Royal Palace english flag
 Abepha with mouth organ (english flag)
 Abepha with lute (english flag)
 red-necked keelback hunting
 From Bangkok to the
  Railway Market
(english flag)
 betweeen elephants (english flag)
 cigar factory [2002]
 Recycling [2002] (english flag)
 Natfest [2002] (english flag)
 Mon National Day [2002] (english flag)
 burned down village [2002] (english flag)
 young bulls fight [2002]
 Air-separation [2002] (english flag)
 Goldbeating [2002] (english flag)
 Pyin oo Lwin waterfall [2002]
 Tant-Kyi-Taung pagoda [2002]
 Harvesting sesame Myanmar 2006 (english flag)
 Sesame and brown sugar [2006] (english flag)
 offerings in the river [2006] (english flag)
 Golden Rock [2001] (english flag)
 Golden Rock [2002] (english flag)
 Golden Rock [2004] (english flag)
 Mon State: a special festival [2002] (english flag)
 Planting rice with a stick  (english flag)
 from Mawalamyine to Hpa An [2002] (english flag)
 Ferry Mottama>Mawlamyine [2001] (english flag)
 Inspection of the screw english flag
 Dragons dance (english flag)
 diving for fish, what's that?? (english flag)
 swarm of bees in a temple (english flag)
 harvest in sugar palms (english flag)
 water buffaloes
 Circle Line Yangon
OK, these too ...
 November (english flag)
 stormy at Travemünde (english flag)
 Death in a spider's web (english flag)

Residences in my life

 Köslin / Koszalin english flag
 Lübeck english flag
 Hamburg english flag
 Großhansdorf english flag


 1949 cycling-tour  > 1.000 km english flag
... up to the driving licence
 Ford Model T - tin Lizzie

Mountain hiking

 Mt. Kinabalu
 The Roßstein

Very old Scouts

 Trip to France 1953
St. Jörg, Karlsruhe
 Mallorca 2005
Friends ... of boy scouts, Lübeck
 Grünheide 2013
Friends ... of boy scouts, Lübeck


With Lisu People in Northern Thailand
 Overview english flag
 Times are changing english flag
 School for everybody english flag
 Mountain Village with Water Snakes english flag
 a Hike in the Mountain Forest english flag

At the Hamburg soc. for Thaiistik:

Müang Sing english flag

Theas remmembrance
of Thailand (until 1880!)



Special pictures
Safety first (!?)
 Defective tyre of an aircraft english flag
 Fire extinguisher on an airfield english flag
 Air freight in the cabin english flag
 "Sanuk" and "Mai pen rai" english flag
By the way ...
 Testing of a ricefield:
  water permeability english flag

 Laos: a large spider english flag
 Fire brigade english flag
 What's that? english flag
 Groß Glockner high alpine road english flag
 Harz Mountains english flag
Short picture stories
 The monkeys in Hamburg english flag
 Halloween in Großhansdorf english flag
 That's me, the Blackbird english flag
 Advertising for a theatre english flag
 Eery situation english flag
WC english flag

Technique rather easy

 surge chamber


 Four seasons english flag
 Johanneum Lübeck,
  high school graduation speech 2000

 Lifeteime of the URL

The Internet

 The website, deleted at HAW Hamburg
is archived in the USA


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