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Four Seasons


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Between the Village of Nusse and Ratzeburg, a small Town in Northern Germany

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Some years ago I had to drive from my home to the town of Ratzeburg some days weekly throughout the year. One day in autumn I took a picture of the road with the alley trees and then decided to repeat the photos many times and to produce a cross-fading image. Here you are.

It was not possible to fix the point from where I took the pictures, because of the road. The pictures were taken freehand in comparison with the print of the first photo. Out of the nearly one hundred images there were perhaps thirty, which could be used. Finally I selected four of them.

These images had to be corrected, because they were not congruent to one another. There were some objects in them which could be used as fixed-points. The coordinates of these points were the basis for calculation to trace them to the exact position in each picture. Now they differ for only a few pixels.

There are still aberrations in the position of branches and twigs. Well, the trees are living! And they deform for reasons of temperature, moisture etc. following summer and winter. You may detect this especially in the corner top right.

There is no science in it to enhance the images to be congruent. You need only accuracy and persistence. He or she who is interested in more is invited to visit the roter pfeil  report.
Sorry, this report in English is only an abstract of the roter pfeil  report in German.

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