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Thanks to → Verein "Heimatkreis Köslin"
They provided me the postcards of the old town

Köslin, market, town hall, St. Mary's church

Köslin: market, town hall, St. Mary's church

map of Germany

Köslin? Where can I find it?

My way to school: Along the town hall

In April 2012 I was in Köslin/Koszalin for 48 hours. It was the first time that I came back since we fled in 1945 from here.
I visited the places of my youth.

main station Köslin, old postcard

the main station before the end of the war

"Neue Bahnhofstr. 6"

|2012| In my youth we lived in the first yellow building on the right side. In the background you see the new building of the station (pale yellow)

Koszalin platform

|2012| Except the new overhead line, the platform is the same as I remember it from 1945

In the winter 1944/45 I was 14 years old. I had to work as aide, to lead fugitives to a shelter etc.
I remember still some terrible situations.

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Köslin market place: monument Friedrich Wilhelm I

Market Place with the Monument of Friedrich Wilhelm I

Koszalin market place with  town hall

|2012| ...in nearly the same viewing direction you find now the town hall

Koszalin Market Place with St. Mary's Church

|2012| Market Place with St. Mary's Church

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The Bank of Pomerania

Bank of Pomerania

The building of the old bank of Pomerania in 2012

|2012| ... Nowadays there is still a bank. The street is broadened, righthand there is no more any building from the old days till 1945


The Firm of my Parents

repairing a motor-cycle

repairing a motor-cycle

letter head "Kraftfahrzeuge Ing. Werner Kaspar"

automobile trade and repairing

master and assistants in front of a Krupp truck

master and assistants
in front of a Krupp truck

Fiat in der Buchwaldstr. 93

Buchwaldstr. 93: This was the place of my parents' firm
|2012| nowadays there is another automobile trade

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Going to school till 1945

the elementary school

I went to elementary school in this red building
|2012| guess that still nowadays there is a school

One day the teacher in my elementary school ordered us to write an essay about the post office and animated us to visit and explore it. Indeed the employees showed me (nine years old) all the rooms, and explained their tasks. I remember intensively how they cancelled the stamps, swinging the punch between stamp-pad and letter and back.

|2012| And now, 73 years later, I stand again in front of the post office. Except the Polish writing the building is exactly the same as I remember it.

Koszalin Main Post Office

|2012| Post Office. How do they cancel the stamps nowadays?

secondary school

|2012| secondary school

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Here and There

Gollenberg Prozessionsweg

|2012| The "Gollen", now named Góra Chelmska, nowadays is a holy place with St. Mary's sanctuary

dImage of the Thrice Extraordinary Mother of God
Gollenberg tower

|2012| the observation tower

city wall

|2012| The old city wall

Groß Mölln, Mielno

|2012| ... and Groß Mölln, today Mielno

place of the former synagogue

|2012| place of the former synagogue

When I went to school on 10th of November 1938 I saw a building on fire. Someone told me, that it was the synagogue of Köslin. At that time (eight years old) I did not yet know, what is a synagogue.

But what I saw on that day, I remember it exactly.

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