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Twelve giant monkeys in Hamburg !

JUL 2022

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Moenckebergstrasse mit Affen
Only pedestrians in Mönckebergstrstreet

What's going on in the Mönckebergstreet ?

No bus ??
  No taxi ??
    No car at all ...??

Only pedestrians !!
What are those giants in the middle of the street ?

near main station
main station in the background

In the centre of the city !!

Directly at the main station!!

monkeys in the street
The monkeys are astonished and look at the large houses

Those are monkeys ? !
  They are astonished.

As yet they have never seen such rocks with glass-enclosed caves. That leaves them speechless.
Many of the caves are empty for some time.
  Do they want to live there?

fat monkeys
they are pretty fat


They appear peaceful

background St. Michaels
The St. Michaels in the background

The St. Michaels in the background

... but they do not see it.

the little monkey
the little monkey goes away

The little monkey with the blue shirt

... spoke to them.
He heard, that they are only visiting the city of Hamburg.
They come from the Chinese artist Liu Ruowang, are now 3.5 m tall and weigh 800 kg..
They visited us in July 2022.

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