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Oh dear... There are so many pages about WC!
Sure! There is a reason: what people excrete is of the same importance as what they eat and drink. Moreover, whoever travels knows that the search for an acceptable sanitary facility can sometimes be almost an existencial question!

Anyway a necessary topic, but sometimes you may grin.       Click the images!

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entrance of toilets in a restaurant in northern Thailand

Ladies to the left, gentlemen to the right or other way round?

Toilets in a restaurant in northern Thailand.
No, that was no luxury restaurant; normal food, normal prices...

WC in a restaurant in Thailand
urinal in a restaurant in Thailand

Thailand 2018  

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Toilets in a motorway motorway service area in the north of Thailand

Motorway service area in the north of Thailand
Clean toilets are the most important promotion for the service areas

toilets for sitting  in a motorway service area in northern Thailand

This side toilets for sitting,
opposite are the squat toilets

Toilets in a motorway service area in the north of Thailand

Perfect clean

Thailand 2018  

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operating instruction

Long time ago:
Operating instruction in a Japanese hotel.

In those days flush toilets of Western style were still rather unknown in Japan. The instruction was necessary, as people often tried to squat over them. Nowadays the Japanese have the most developped technology concerning flush toilets.

In the present era of gender equality this instruction is outmoded. The political correctness expects every person to sit, not to stand - without exception!

Japan 1981  

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squat toilet

Squat Toilet

I cannot describe advantages and disadvantages of squat toilets better than roter pfeil  Wikipedia does.

I am an old man and moreover a Westerner. I cannot squat. I have to bend my knees and it is quite strenuous for me to defecate. Therefore I better take off my trousers totally. But how to manage in this wet room without getting dirty trousers or feet?

I have to hop like a stork, balance on my right leg, put off my left shoe, get off my left trouser-leg..., slip into my left shoe - then the same procedure with the other leg.

This is a roter pfeil  sound play. click the photo! Try to imagine the situation! Someone balancing on his one foot, then on his other foot, trying to keep his clothes clean.... What you hear happened behind the first door on the right side.

Mandalay, Burma 1983  

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toilet out of order urinal in Myanmar

In a long-distance coach: Toilet out of order, a locked door and still 200 km to Bangkok. I will never forget this journey!

Behind the wall the fluid flows freely in all directions.

Thailand 1989  

Myanmar 2006  

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toilet in Laos common toilet

Absolutely clean! Perfect!

No urinal! This is the common toilet in Chinese villages (province of Yunnan)

Laos 1996  

Southern China 1998  

Both facilities are built over the bluff banks of rivers. In the rainy season they have a real "flush-toilet".

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undressed Chiang Khaeng

roter pfeil Chiang Khaeng, far in the North of Laos, at the bank of the Mekong near the Chinese border.

"Please, where is the toilet?" A vague gesture to the djungle, to the riverbank or wherever. There are no toilets.


Someone was really tired.

Norway 1998  


Laos 1998  

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